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D/395 vet says, Humphrey was right years ago

Hold on Col. Biggio, Bob Humphrey presented a true picture, not distorted and not by a few disgruntled privates from the ASTP program. We privates at first were not treated like we already had any basic training, nor had gotten our hands dirty or walked many a 10-mile hike. We were treated like we all were intellectual privileged individuals who were to be broken down to "know nothing" infantrymen.

Of course there was disappointment, but I don't believe there was per se, bitter conflict between ASTPers and their non-coms. Yes, we probably knew more about some military training than a few of the non-coms and officers, but we were ready and able to learn how to survive as infantrymen. Instead of some cigarette butt picking-up and nonsense punishments, they should have tried to teach the tactics of living as infantrymen . . . more map reading, using a radio or field phone, better communications with the non-coms and officers, living and training out I the field, and selecting and setting up different weapons and foxholes for fields of fire. Teaching us to take over running a squad or platoon if our leaders were killed or wounded would have helped make us better soldiers in combat. After all, we were in the same army.

My memory is still good after 60 years and nobody promised me a rose garden.

Albert H. Davis D/395

11 Crambrook Rd.

New City NY 10956