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Controversy surfaces about Gen. Omar Bradley

Controversy surfaces

about Gen. Omar Bradley

     While the Checkerboard attempts to avoid controversial topics, such as partisan politics and national issues, perhaps comment about World War II leadership is not forbidden.

     Elliot Wagner of 7505 W. Yale #2805 in Denver CO 80227, disagrees with an assessment of General Omar Bradley, made in the Checkerboard.

     Here's Wagner's comment:

     "Jack Rue no doubt is right about General Bradley taking full 'credit' for the decision involving a 'calculated risk' that resulted in the Battle of the Bulge.

     "If the identity of the decision maker is all that Rue refers to regarding an end to the 'ongoing controversy,' no problem.

     "But, as to whether the decision was weighed carefully and based on all the available evidence, not everybody agrees.

     "Nor is there any unanimity about the wisdom of the decision, whether it truly speeded up the end of the war, and most poignantly, was it worth the risk?

     "Rue and other Bradley fans might read historian Stephen Ambrose's Citizen Soldiers.

     "They all could consider Allan R. Millett's harsh assessment of Bradley as 'most overrated World War II general' in American Heritage.

     "A third verdict ran on TV in November portraying the Ardennes battle as a major event among other 'greatest disasters' in history.

     "Anyone for controversy?"