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Coat in museum display

A couple of years ago Dick Byers advised that my white reversible coat (possibly ski trooper's) was placed in Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall museum display area.

I was evacuated from the village of Elsenborn with chest wounds Dec. 23, 1944, and after four months of hospitals in England I was sent back to France, landing at LeHarve on VE-Day.

I joined the 6960 Repple Depot at Chateau Thierry (famous in WWI) and given a clothing warehouse. With 30 German POWs we supplied nearby tent city Camp San Francisco for deployment to U.S. or Japan.

A POW opened a bale marked "jackets," but there were these hooded white and gray long coats with fur liners. These were sorely needed by all of us the winter of 1944, instead of the GIs back in Paris. A railroad worker told me years later that some rail cars were sidetracked and looted (some with boots and shoe-packs). I would like to have a photo of the coat if possible.

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