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Church bulletin utilized to remember 99'ers years ago

Church bulletin used

Church bulletin utilized to remember 99'ers who died

     Art "Woody" Reynolds, I/395, joined the 99th in August 1944 at Camp Maxey.

     He and Milton Rosolowski had taken basic together at Camp Croft, SC, and both were assigned to Sgt. Forest Watson's squad in I Co. They were busy at Maxey, sawing lumber to build crates for shipping overseas.

     Reynolds was in the hospital at Epenal, France, the day the war ended. Later, he ws assigned to military government duties at Saarbrucken because he was fluent in German. He was sent to Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Essen, and Mannheim and eventually discharged in April of 1946.

     During December, each year, he thinks of his buddies. "I've always thought I was lucky to have gone over with a unit, instead of going over as a replacement. I saw too many replacement last a few hours or days."

     So, each year he sends flowers to the sanctuary of his home church, Christ Episcopal Church, Lockport, NY, and it is printed in the bulletin that the flowers are given "in loving memory of members of the 99th Infantry Division who died in World War II."

     Art has attended all conventions since 1989 and plans to be at the 50th anniversary gala in Nashville.