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Christen searches for B/394 men years ago

Christen searches for B/394 men

Christen searches for B/394 men

     I am still trying to find information on some of my basic training buddies. I sent a letter to the Military Personnel Records office in St. Louis MO, and received no information at all. So I'm writing this letter to the Checkerboard in hopes it will be published and someone somewhere may have some information to give me of some men who fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

     The men I'd like to know about were in the 99th Division, B Company, 394th Infantry. The names were Company Commander Capt. Morse or Morris, Lt. Rush, Lt. Connors, Sgt. Art McCann, Sgt. Adi, Sgt. Miles Louis, Marion Barber, and Norman Dianne.

     There are two others but I only know them by one name. One is Friedel and that was his last name. The other is Maynard. I don't know if that was his first or last name. I'd like to know if any of these men were casualties or if they were lucky enough to return home. I'd appreciate any information you may be able to give me.

George Christen

7905 Branch Rd.

Medina OH 44256