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Checkerboard still brings back memories

Checkerboard still brings back memories

Checkerboard still brings back memories

     Just when I think I will stop the Checkerboard as there could not possibly be anyone left who my husband, Roland O. Lang knew, I see names like Dr. Bauer, Richard Tobias, Joe Forrester, and Chaplain Thompson, whom he mentioned many times.

     When Dr. Bauer wrote about the German sow, I wonder if Roland might have been in on the "dressing out," as he always helped with hog killing here at his home in Farmville NC.

     He also talked about hanging around the aid stations and helping where he could with the badly wounded, not minding all the blood.

     Right after we were married in 1946, I caught a thumb in an electric fan while preparing supper one Saturday night and was rushed to the doctor's office. Roland was called from Lang's Store and when he walked in and saw my thumb bleeding, he fainted dead away!

     Roland died in October 1992. His illness was brought on by poor circulation, which the doctors said came from his feet and legs staying so cold during the Battle of the Bulge.

     Best wishes to all you 99th Infantry Division members still bringing us the Checkerboard.

Nellie B. Lang

PO Box 275

Farmville NC 27828