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Checkerboard is helpful

Checkerboard is helpful

     J.P. Helms from Salisbury NC, a former member of E/395, noted a request for information in the July 2000 issue of the Checkerboard as to the death of John Wallace Farrington. John was in J.P.'s platoon, remembers some of the details and wrote a letter to John's brother, Richard Farrington, informing him of the general details.

     J.P. received the nicest return letter from Richard Farrington thanking him for the follow-up and asking his permission to include J.P.'s name/rank (In Honor of S/Sgt. J.P. Helms) on a memorial stone to be placed in John Farrington's grave site.

     I thought you would be interested in the success of the Checkerboard in getting information to the public.

Frank Hoffman