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Cavanagh seeks author of C/394 book years ago

Cavanagh seeks

author of C/394 book

     I'm writing to ask for your assistance in tracing the author of an article I possess but that bears no sign of the author's name. He was a member of the 3rd Platoon, Company C, 394th Infantry and was captured at Losheimergraben along with Sgts. John Hilliard and John Trent.

     His article is entitled "99th Infantry Division Third Platoon Co. C 394th Regt."

     It is on pages numbered 1-13 and starts with the following sentence: "Sgt. John Hilliard awoke at approximately 0500 hours on the morning of Dec. 16, 1944, unable to sleep."

     Currently, I'm writing a revised edition of my book on the Twin Villages and am including information never previously used by any author. I learned so much after that book was published and have been asked to re-write it with a view to publication.

     I'd like to use this story with a few minor changes but would like to acknowledge that it comes from a man who served alongside Trent and Hilliard. My guess is that I might have got this from Raphael D'Amico or Dick Byers might have been sent it by the author.

     I ask surviving 3rd Platoon members, including Trent and Hilliard, who the writer may have been? Secondly, I'd like to ask Trent and Hilliard for wartime pictures of themselves signed ON THE FRONT with their names, ranks, serial numbers, and "3rd Platoon, Company C, 394th Infantry Losheimergraben Crossroads 16-18 December 1944."

     I'd also like to contact the author so I can credit this story to him in the acknowledgments and perhaps include his signed photo alongside the other two.

Will Cavanagh

11 Crichton Ave.

Cheester le Street

County Durham

DH3 3ND England

011 44 191 387 3422