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Capt. Severn Dorre

Capt. Severn Dorre

     I am looking for information regarding my grandfather, Capt. Severn Reynold Dorre. Before shipping out of Camp Maxey in Paris TX, he was reassigned out of the 99th. From there he was with the troops that took Cherbourg, France, and went on to march to St. Lo, France. I know he was wounded, perhaps in St. Lo. Before leaving the Army he was promoted to major. If anyone can help me fill in the blanks I would be grateful.

     On another note, my mother, Faith Dorre Gehris, is wondering about a Sgt. Hall who was a mess cook at Fort Pierce FL, during World War II. My mother recalls fondly the kind Sgt. Hall who always made sure the children on base received some extra goodies whenever they were available. Anyone with information on Sgt. Hall can write to my mother: Faith Gehris, 20454 Rock Run Rd., Joliet IL 60431.

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