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Bulge books

Elliot Wager of Denver CO, has suggested printing a list of books available about the 99th Infantry Division and the Battle of the Bulge.

In the past, members asked for recommendations about which books carried the most true accounts of the 99th's activity during the war and which books would be a necessary addition to any 99th history buff's library.

We don't have a complete list but will attempt to name the obvious ones.

Readers are invited to send their additions to the list, which will be updated periodically in the Checkerboard.

Here's a partial list, in no particular order, to get you started:

— "Battle Babies," by Gen. Walter Lauer, published 1951.

— "Dauntless: The History of the 99th Infantry Division," by Will C.C. Cavanagh.

— "Krinkelt-Rocherath: Battle for the Twin Villages," Will C.C. Cavanagh.

— "A Tour of the Bulge Battlefield," Will C.C. Cavanagh.

— "A Time for Trumpets," Charles MacDonald.

— "Company Commander," Charles MacDonald.

— "Into the Deep Misty Woods of the Ardennes," Walter Niedermayer.

— "Shock of War," volumes one and two and the picture annex, J.C. Doherty.

— "The Longest Winter," Alex Kershaw.

— "Infantry Man at the Front," Grady Arrington.

— "Infantry Soldier," George Neill.

— "The Dead of Winter," Bill Warnock.

— "Butler's Battlin' Blue Bastards," Thor Ronningen.

— "O'er Land of the Free," Samuel Lombardo.

— "Scholars in Foxholes: The Story of the ASTP in World War II," Louis E. Keeter.

— "Upfront with Charlie Company: A Combat History of Company C, 39th Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division," Vernon E. Swanson.

— "Citizen Soldiers," Stephen Ambrose.

— "The Bitter Woods," John Eisenhower.

— "Battle of the Bulge: Hitler's Ardennes Offensive, 1944-1945," Danny S. Parker.

— "The Battle of Hürtgen Forest," Charles Whiting.

— "Massacre at Malmedy," Charles Whiting.

— "The Battle of the Bulge: The Losheim Gap Doorway to the Meuse," Hans Wijers.