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Book is suggested

I just finished reading a book published in 2001, "Pogue's War, Diaries of a WWII Combat Historian" by Forrest C. Pogue. It probably already has been called to your attention many times, but if not, you would be interested in pages 312-326. Pogue did post-battle interviews with several members of the 394th and 395th Regiments, probably published in official histories much earlier than this book.

He sums up the interviews with the comment: "Several commanders, including General Eisenhower, have given high praise to the units on the north flank of the Bulge for their role in blunting the first drives of the great offensive in the north, but their contribution has been dimmed by the memory of the great defense put up at Bastogne and with the brilliant Third Army march northward. But had units to the east and north of Bastogne not slowed the enemy, the Germans would have been west of that objective and perhaps at the Meuse before the airborne divisions could have arrived from Reims."

Pogue is best known for his four-volume biography of General George C. Marshall.

Joe Cannon

Port Townsend WA 98368