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Bob Murrell, T/393 years ago

New member visits Marion

     It was a joyous occasion Jan. 21, 2000, when Bob L. Murrell and his wife visited Marion, KS.

     They had come especially to see your Ol' Editor and to learn more about the Checkerboard.

     The Murrells live in Nebraska. Recently they were traveling in Texas and stopped near Paris to see where Bob had trained with Anti Tank Co/393 at Camp Maxey back in 1944. There's not much at Maxey these days, but someone there gave him a copy of a Checkerboard with the OE's address.

     After going back home to Nebraska, Bob decided to drive down to Marion, KS, to learn more.

     He had been totally unaware of the 99th Infantry Division Association, the Checkerboard, annual conventions, Battlefield Tours to Europe and such.

     He became a new member and was more than pleased to take home with him several back issues of the Checkerboard. Your OE filled Bob Murrell in on activities of the association and invited him to attend the Phily Convention. Those who recall Bob should write to him as follows:

Bob L. Murrell T/393

PO Box 323

Fairmont NE 68354