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Bjerke needs help

Howard E. Bjerke, B/395, needs assistance in obtaining a clear copy of a photo taken from the cover of Infantry Journal, dated March 1947.

The story is titled "Replacement in Europe — Winter 1944-45." It was written by Col. Elbrige Colby.

The photo was taken in December 1944, when Bjerke was assigned as a replacement in B/395. He is the soldier in the upper right corner of the photo.

He has tried various means, but been unable to obtain a clear copy of the photo. Can anyone help? His address is Howard E. Bjerke, 816 Buchser Way, San Jose CA 95125 Phone: 408-298-6781

The graphic image shows young soldiers, wearing steel helmets, combat boots, field jackets (some with heavy GI wool overcoats) standing in the snow alongside nearby duffel bags, rifles slung over their shoulders. It's a great photo. Maybe someone recalls having seen it, or can reproduce it for Bjerke.