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Bill Hughes is new member

I saw your announcement in the DAV Magazine. I was only in the 99th long enough to get court-martialed and thrown out. That was in Camp Maxey TX, in World War II. I had a number of friends in the division, all from Arkansas State College in Jonesboro AR. Some of them have done well since. Lucas, for example, became the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. I'm the guy who wrote the Clean Air Act, of which I am proud.

One of the guys in my platoon, Elliott, had a son who served under me in Viet Nam. Some of the names I recall are Claypool, Gordon Campbell, Dwyer, and the rest have faded out.

I probably shouldn't attend the reunion, given my miserable record in the division. I would be glad to help if my help on the West Coast is needed. Don't hesitate to call on me if it appears there is something I might be able to do. I am still exceptionally healthy in spite of broken bones, etc.

Bill Hughes