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Best outfit in the Army

The third issue of the Checkerboard arrived June 19. To me it was the best issue of the Checkerboard. Attached is my check to help the postage pot.

Till I read the Pittsburgh Checkerboard Soldiers article I had no idea of where the 99th came from. I had always thought the 99th was born in Centreville MS, raised in Camp Van Dorn, matured in Camp Maxey, and graduated in the Battle of the Bulge.

I had always thought that most of the enlisted men came from Pittsburgh, the cadre from the 7th Division, and the officers all came from the closest OSC. Now I know after reading the article.

I came from the 7th Division cadre and had never been east of the Mississippi River. This was a great arrangement of men all gathered in Camp Van Dorn. The Army took us all in, mixed us all together, added a couple handfuls of savvy, baked us, and produced the best outfit in the Army. Just ask any 99'er.

John Loftus G/394

1111 Bonforte Blvd. #1202

Pueblo CO 81001-1823