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Battle Babies book wanted

I am interested in finding out more about the Battle Babies of the 99th. A close friend of mine was with them during the Battle of the Bulge. I would like to know if any members still have any old gear from their WWII days, as I would like to re-enact as a member of the Checkerboard division. I also am looking for a copy of Battle Babies, the book written by Walter Lauer. If anyone can lead me to a copy, that would be appreciated.

Steve Savage

Allentown PA

EDITOR'S NOTE: A quick check of the Internet shows that General Lauer's "Battle Babies" is available from Articles of War, 3 Rodeo Rd., Silver City NM 88061-8710, phone (505) 534-8840, fax (505) 534-8842, e-mail: The book sells for $49.95.