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Barker surprised to see story in CB

I was totally surprised when I received the fifth issue 2003 of the Checkerboard. You printed my entire story I sent you in November. The story about the Bulge in the "Bulge Bugle" is hidden I the text; apparently, no one will notice.

I was surprised you included the part of my service in the 1st Infantry Division when demobilization was in full swing after VJ-Day. However, there were thousands of 99ers in that boat along with me since the 99th was scheduled to return to the States and be demobilized.

Any picture of the War Crimes Tribunal shows soldiers, mostly MPs, wearing the 99th shoulder patch with the Belgium Honors (right shoulder) and the French Honors (left shoulder) worn by the 1st Infantry MPs and infantrymen currently assigned to the 1st Division. I wonder if you will get any comments since my story has no heroics to offer.

I really enjoyed reading "The 99th Trains for War." I joined the 99th at Camp Maxey in early August 1944. The article is not unlike my infantry basic training experience. The amusing part of the story is how the ASTP boys were received just as I was from high school (dirt bags). As you know, manpower (infantry) was a big problem because of the D-Day landing and drive into France and the Low Countries. We got harassed by the same mindset. I really got a kick out of the article. I am looking forward to "The 99th Goes to War," promised for the next issue of the Checkerboard.

Bill Barker B/324 Eng

30W103 Willow Lane

Warrenville IL 60555