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B/324 Med Bn was at Sourbrodt years ago

In the second issue of the Checkerboard, there was a notice about a German who wants some information about the medic in the so-called "house Michel in Sourbrodt." He thought it was the 53rd Med Bn.

That is not right. The medical battalion that was there was Company B 324th Med Bn. 99th Infantry. I know because I was one of the ambulance drivers. I don't know who he is looking for so I cannot help in that matter.

I don't know exactly when we left there, but when we did leave, we moved to a field along the main road in Sourbrodt. On the right side of the road the engineers dug several big holes in the ground, and covered them with lumber from nearby trees. At that time I was supporting one of the aid stations in Elsenborn.

Maybe the 53rd Med Bn. moved in then. I do not know.

Glenn Witman

662 Prospect Rd.

Manheim PA 17545