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Arlington's book is worth the read, if you can find it

To the Editor:

If you want to read "Infantryman at the Front," by Grady Arrington, you may have a difficult time finding it. My local library finally found the book at the U.S. Army Aviation School Library at Fort Rucker.

It is a fictitious, but interesting story of a platoon in I Company, 395th Infantry Regiment, 99th Division. Anyone in a front line infantry company will appreciate the life and death experiences Arrington wrote about, from Texas to England, entering Belgium, the Bulge, on the plains toward Cologne, crossing the bridge at Remagen, through the Ruhr campaign.

It is a good read . . . bloody or lucky, but that's an infantryman's fate.

Albert H. Davis D/395

11 Crambrook Rd.

New City NY 10956