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Anderson wants information about town

Anderson wants information about town

Anderson wants information about town

     Sometime in April 1945 I was a replacement in B/393 of the 99th Infantry Division at Cologne along the Rhine River.

     On April 11, 1945, I was one of about six men on a patrol down a hill to investigate a small town where American Red Cross trucks were moving up the street. As far as we knew we were on the front line and there wasn't any other Americans there. When half of us got in the middle of a clearing down the hill part way, the Germans started firing at us. I got hit four times in my right leg and fell down. I noticed each time the German in the trees fired at me, he looked through his binoculars. After the second firing, I fired four shots from my M1 and stopped him.

     A short time later, the officer asked me if I could walk. I said I thought so. But when I got up I couldn't stand on my right leg. They carried me to a jeep, then I was on a plane to France to the 23rd General Hospital.

     The war with Germany was over while I was in the hospital. The 99th went back to the States so they put me in the 83rd Infantry Division for occupation.

     My question was, what was the town we were going to take when I got shot?

     Some pictures in the 83rd Division book shows a town with similar looks — a hillside by Grevensbruck. Am I right or do you know?

Carol F. Anderson B/393

1594 W 400S, #105

Salt Lake City UT 84104-5246