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Amateur historian wants stories, contact

I am an amateur World War II historian (hobby) and I love to touch base with veterans. Some of their stories are outstanding. I have met with some in my local area VA and have recorded their conversations. What is interesting is that I have contacted several German vets and seeing the difference is quite interesting.

Part of my hobby is collecting items that the vets brought back. I met with a former sergeant in Patton's Army and he donated/sold me some of his "bring back items." I asked several times if he didn't want to give it to his grandkids and his answer made me laugh. He said, "Why, those kids will have it in a pawn shop by the end of the week!"

I would like to correspond with veterans to swap stories and see if they have any mementos they would like to sell. As an officer on active duty I can't imagine what they went through.

Lt. Chris O'Connor USN

513 Seeman Rd.

Virginia Beach VA 23452