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Allen Rososky, K/394 years ago

New member, K/394

New member, K/394

     I am a World War II vet of the 99th Division who was captured Dec. 17, 1944, in the Battle of the Bulge. I was never aware of the fact the 99th Association existed until two days ago when a neighbor asked me if I had been in the 99th. (He is an associate of the 99th.)

     He informed me of your activities and gave me some back issues of the group. Included was the roster of names of the members in 1998. I could not believe how exciting it was to see the name of my foxhole buddy and partner as a POW on the register. I've looked for some lead to his existence for more than 54 years as we became separated on April 23, 1945.

     I was able to obtain his phone number and called him. We talked for more than an hour and he too said he had looked for more than 50 years for some lead to me. Needless to say we were closer than brothers sharing our home in the ground and POW activities as members of the 99th.

     I am writing today to join the 99th Association. Enclosed is my check. Also I'm very interested in receiving all material you may have pertaining to the 50th annual convention.

Allen L. Rososky K/394

5606 N. Rainbow

Waterford MI 48329

     P.S. Incidentally my foxhole buddy is Maurice H. Bonemeyer K/394, 618 9th Ave. S., Fargo ND 58103.