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'Red Danube' superb

Red Danube: 'Superb'

Red Danube: 'Superb'

     I have just reread "The Red Danube" for the umpteenth time, and I have to agree with Will Cavanagh - superb. The reason for my intense interest is that I was a member of F/395, and I should have been there but wasn't. I was still in the hospital recovering from wounds received April 9 in the Ruhr Pocket.

     Two thoughts that passed through my head:

     First, I'm sure that SS-Mann Zimmer was indeed sorry; much like the thief was sorry he got caught, not sorry he was stealing. I never met or talked with a German who was a Nazi - at least after they were caught!

     Second, can Vernon Swanson identify that 2nd Battalion "hero" who contributed so mightily to the debacle? And/or possibly tell where he was while the crossing was attempted? I would wager a year's disability compensation that he was nowhere near the river.

Earl L. Slyder F/395

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