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99'ers should be listed years ago

WWII Memorial

99'ers should be listed

     The Registry of Remembrances is associated with the WW II Memorial to be builr in Wash. DC. The web site is

     I see Bill Meyer is already registered as an honoree. I've found other 99ers also such as Lyle Bouck, George Neill, Wayne Cleveland, Milton May, Eugene Oxford, and others.

     The Registry is an important part of the Memorial project and will be seen by millions of people, either when visiting Washington D.C., or when viewing the Registry at home via the Internet.

     The World War II Memorial web site is 99th vets who do not have access to the Internet could have their data entered by those who have PCs and are on the Internet. There may be a limit on entries but there is an e-mail address for questions (listed on the web sites).

     There are undoubtedly many on the Registry who did not contribute since their data was entered by others. This includes both the living and the dead. Some 99ers KIA are also on the file.

     It is best to research the web sites to get a better picture and understanding of the process but — I think it is important that 99th vets be recognized via this medium.

Bob Mitsch L/394