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395th unit history on website to be reviewed, modified years ago

Unit history on web site

to be reviewed, modified

     I am writing in response to your letter in the fifth issue, 2001, of the 99th Infantry Division Association Checkerboard, where you took exception with the version of the 3/395th unit history as it is posted on the battalion's web site. First let me say that I would like to apologize to each and every member of the unit who is offended by this version of the unit history. I certainly have no intention of disparaging anyone, in particular the ASTPers who you specifically mentioned in your letter. Our battalion and the regiment have a fantastic history, covered with the stories of brave Americans serving their country. It is a history of which I am tremendously proud.

     As current members of the 3rd Battalion of the 395th Regiment, my officers, NCOs, and I have nothing but tremendous respect for each of you who served this unit and our country in World War II. Our choice of wording was not intended to portray anyone in a bad light. As a combat veteran myself, I understand how one takes great pride in the accomplishments of his wartime unit. Therefore, I will direct that we review the history that is posted on the web site and modify it as necessary to ensure we do not offend anyone. I welcome any input you might have to help us make the history more accurate.

     Again, I sincerely apologize to anyone who is offended by the 3/395th unit history and I will work to fix the problem immediately. Thank you for your continued interest in our unit.

Lt. Col. Thomas D. Mayfield III

Bldg. 4425 Santa Fe Ave.

Fort Hood TX 76544

This letter was written to John Barton in response to a letter by him in the fifth issue, 2001, of the Checkerboard.