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Where are these guys?

I joined I Company at Camp Maxey a few weeks before going overseas. I was wounded during the Bulge and ultimately sent back through the hospital system from Elsenborn.

I’ve wondered about some of the guys I served with. Some of the ones who come to mind are Wingate Barron, Bob Mauer, Sgt. Seymour, Woodrow Lett, John Hill, Sgt. Mizer, Beryl Franklin, Sgt. Northington, Jim Brand, Leo LeSueur, Hendricks, Woodard, and Clift. There also was a Jewish Pfc. we used as an interpreter as he and his family were refugees from Germany. If anyone can fill in the details it would be appreciated.

I also remember, before being sent up to the front we stayed at a loft in a farmhouse near Aubel. I always wondered what happened to that family. There was a cute little five-year-old girl with a big smile on her face who brought me a glass of milk. I’ve always been haunted by what might have happened to her.

Art Wachholz I/393

575 Marco Pt.

Carmel IN 46033

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