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Wayne Cox

I am trying to find information about my grandfather, Wayne P. Cox. His hometown was Rockland ID. He was a combat medic. From what my grandmother said, he was in the 324th Medical Battalion Company B, attached to the 99th Infantry Division. Just days before the Battle of the Bulge he got bad stomach ulcers and was pulled from the front lines.

My mother remembers he was stationed at Camp Van Dorn MS, and was a mess cook. He was deployed in 1944 with the 99th. He did not fight in the Battle of the Bulge, as he was in the hospital in England at the time. She thought almost everyone in his unit was killed. She remembers a chaplain survived and his name was Marion Van Trini (spelling may be incorrect) and he was a friend of my grandfather’s. The chaplain was from Jackson MS. My mom thinks they may have kept in touch after the war.

I would like to find out more about my grandfather and his tour of duty. He died when I was a boy. I am currently in the army and I want to honor him and the men he served with by being able to pass on his story.

Sgt. Conrad Jeffries
3-116 E Co (ENGR)
Phone 208-220-3569

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