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Son plans trip to retrace
father’s route

My father, T/Sgt. Lawrence (Larry) Lubben, died Dec. 17, 2008. He was a member of the 799th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company and he told me of his exploits during the Bulge. He kept longhand records of all the munitions expended during the Bulge. I have many items of his from his days at Camp Maxey and would like to share them with someone.

My wife and I want to take a trip this summer, visiting and traveling his route during the Bulge up to VE-Day. I have the itinerary of his service in the ETO. I am interested in advice as to how to put together such a trip. It is expensive in Europe, I am sure, but I wish to honor my dad.

I bear my name from a man, Robert Shields, who was a sniper casualty just prior to VE-Day. It prompted my service of 27-plus years as chaplain (LTC) in the U.S. Air Force, in order to say thank you to the man who did not come back.

Robert Lubben
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612-280-9094 (cell)

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