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Settle an argument

I am trying to determine if Albert T. Seman was a member of the 99th Infantry Division.

I was talking to Joe Lucas, a member of the 134th AAA Gun Battalion, Battery D, which was positioned on a hill (Auf Leuters) northeast of Murringen on the morning of Dec. 16, 1944. He remembers an infantry platoon moving onto the hill right next to them on Dec. 13 or 14. Joe recognized one of the infantry men as Albert Seman because they were both from the same hometown of Grassflats PA. Joe was unable to tell me which unit Seman was with. Seman survived the war, but died in 1993.

Based on the location of the hill, I am sure the platoon had to be part of the 99th. Another member of Battery D insists this platoon was from the 106th Infantry Division. Studying the maps, I am certain it couldn’t have been the 106th. Knowing which unit Seman was with will settle the argument.

John Pfeister
Green Bay WI

Last modified April 16, 2010