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Ronningen recommends new book

Enclosed please find my check for two more years of the country’s finest military association publication.

I want all my 99th friends to know about a new book they may be interested in.

My friend, Mike Looney, has written about his deceased father, Capt. George Washington Looney. I met George in 1990 on an Eddie Polk trip to the Bulge area and corresponded with him until his death.

The name of the books is “The Battle of the Bulge: The Untold Story of the Battle of Hofen.” George was a forward observer for the 196th Field Artillery in Hofen during the battle and literally saved the 3rd Battalion of the 395th. The book covers George’s experience from the landings at Omaha Beach until V-E Day, but singles out our fight at Hofen and I am enjoying the book very much.

To order, send a check for $32 to Mike Looney, 2100 Ross Ave. #1400, Dallas TX 75201 or check it out online at

Thor Ronningen

370 Scotts Hill Loop Rd.

Wilmington NC 28411

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