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Proud of the Checkerboard

The other evening I was watching our local TV news station when the news anchor spoke about a new military support group at Stewart Airport near Newburg NY. She introduced the story with an officer speaking about the unit standing behind a lectern. Sure enough – the camera focused in on the speaker and lo and behold there on the lectern was the “Checkerboard” patch of the 99th Infantry Division. We made the news again, about the same time as the Bulge, 65 years ago.

Also, when I visited Washington, D.C., I stopped by the U.S. Holocaust Museum to view the exhibits. Near the entrance were several flags of units that participated in liberating the concentration camps. As I moved several flags to see the units involved, there was a flag with the Checkerboard insignia.

Strangely, it brought back a 65-plus year memory of Camp Maxey where I was told to remove the pisspots of the ASTP and put on the Checkerboard patch. I suppose it all worked its way through the wash. I am a proud wearer of the Checkerboard.

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Last modified April 16, 2010