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Postal error leads to meeting

When my father, R.O. Miller received the latest issue of the Checkerboard, another copy was with his. Lo and behold, the other copy was addressed to Herbert Doden, also with a Milan address. Instead of returning Doden’s copy to the mailbox for the postal employees to correct the error, my dad chose to hand-deliver his copy. I accompanied him on the mission.

The other Milan 99th Division member was pleased to meet a fellow veteran. The Dodens invited us into their home to visit. In a few minutes, Doden mentioned Elsenborn Ridge and these two 99ers were off on a welcome mental trip back to the Battle of the Bulge.

By coincidence, the two men discovered they each own a Model T truck of about the same vintage. Doden even fired up his restored vehicle for the Millers.

We had a delightful time and when we leave more than an hour later, all of us were interested in keeping in touch. I’m sure my dad enjoyed the day.

Mrs. Doden and I are encouraging our two veterans to participate in one of the Honor Flights taking WWII veterans to see the World War II memorial at Washington, D.C. A fight is scheduled to leave from our local airport in February. Check out the website,

My dad and I were saddened but not surprised to learn of John Casassa’s death. My dad and John had had two or three phone visits in the past couple of years. Dad also was sorry to learn of “Heck” Hecklinger’s death.

Marian Miller

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