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Elected Officers


Herbert Knapp, 3/394

105 Brightwood Club Dr.

Lutherville MD 21093

Vice President

Position unfilled


J.R. McIlroy, F/393

PO Box 98, Celina TX 75009

Past President

B.O. Wilkins, K/393

722 Bison Dr., Houston TX 77079

Appointed Officers

Legal Adviser

Phil Benefiel, A/393


Harry Clifton, M/395


Arnold Taylor, MP/099

Checkerboard Editor

and Executive Director

Donna Bernhardt

PO Box 99, Marion KS 66861

Board of Directors

Elected Members:

Until 2010

Lawrence Apple

Charles Eubanks

Until 2011

Al Goldstein

H.C. Sullivan

Until 2012

Tim Nugent

John Ingram

Association Life Members

Joe Johnson

J.R. McIlroy

Executive Committee

President, Past President, Editor,

Secretary, Treasurer

Archives Committee

Harry McCracken (395 Med) – Chairman

Ron Kraemer (D/394) – Archivist

Donald Mehus (G/394) – Archivist

Stan Colby (K/393) – Member

George Lehr (F/393) – Member

Bill Warnock – Researcher

Site Selection Committee

J.R. McIlroy, Member

Joe Johnson, Member

Planning Committee

J.R. McIlroy, Chairman

Walt Schroeder

Joe Johnson

John Vasa

Mike Strollo

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