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More than 60 remembered at annual memorial service

The annual Memorial Service was conducted Aug. 6 during the 59th annual convention of the 99th Infantry Division Association at Kansas City MO.

Past presidents filed in as the sergeants-at-arms advanced the colors.

President and Chaplain Joe Johnson was unable to attend, due to illness.

Vice president B.O. Wilkins led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Arnold Taylor stepped in to fulfill chaplain duties by leading the call to worship.

“America the Beautiful” was sung in unison.

Taylor shared words and thoughts for the day.

Taylor and Herb Knapp read the names of members who had died during the past year.

Following the prayer of intercession, “Taps” was sounded by Stewart Boone.

Melanie Wilkins, daughter of B.O. Wilkins, sang “An Honor to Serve.”

Those attending sang “How Great Thou Art.”

The colors were retired by the past presidents and Taylor gave the benediction.

Those we remember

Lewis R. Adams C/395

Reece Almond 2/394

Stuart A. Been C/395

Carlo Biggio C/372

Dwight C. Bishop K/393

Robert D. Breech Ord/799

Edward Bumbleburg S/099

Carrol Lee Butler K/393

John Casassa C/371

Carl B. Cecil B/372

John P. Chappell L/393

Albert Checchio unit unknown

Joseph Fedor Q/099

Frederick B. Feigenoff L/394

Elmer W. Freytag D/393

Peter Gacki C/371

Arnold J. Garabedian K/393

Frank Garnett S/924

Fred Gole A/393

Dr. Walter R. Graham Q/394

Furman Grimm L/394

Leonard Halpern K/393

Steve Hock F/395

Mark Holt K/393

Eugene Hoffman 1/394

Robert Hecklinger S/371

Ralph D. Hill A/395

William H. Huffman I/395

Francis N. Iglehart Jr. G/393

Milton G. Kay S/099

Joseph W. King I/395

Henry Konda F/394

Kenneth P. Kralick Can/393

George Kulpaca F/393

Harold W. Lowdermilk C/393

John Midkiff G/393

Joseph Mozden L/394

Dr. William Nickell Q/372

Emil Pappalardo L/393

Clarence Paquette L/393

Frank Pauliin L/370

Wallace E. Prowse 393

Daniel Restauri A/324

Dr. Melvin Richmond A/393

Isadore Rosen I/394

Harry Rothlisberger B/371

Virdin Royse I/395

Henry Rump G/394

Martin Shellenberger B/393

Joseph Shinko L/394

Eugene A. Shook B/393

David Sikora I/394

Gilbert Skaar F/394

Charles Swann L/394

Carl Ulmer unit unknown

Robert J. VonHandorf S/370

John Waidmann Sr. C/393

Clement Walter C/395

Cyrus Wells E/394

John C. White C/372

Byron Whitmarsh C/395

Howard Wilson B/324

Cyril J. Wolak A/324

Charles Woodrow S/099

George W. Yeager unit unknown

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