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McNish recounts 'the rest of the story'

I was platoon leader of the third platoon, G/395. The article in the third issue, 2010, “George Company Captures a Village,” does not tell the whole story.

My platoon was in reserve for the attack and we got on the scene after things had quieted down a bit. Captain Hill called me and said, “Mac take a squad and check out those buildings.”

About a hundred yards to our front was a small church and two houses. We proceeded to the church, went in and went up into the steeple. We looked all around, did not see anything, and moved around the side of the church. About that time, a burp gun fired about five or six shots at us.

We hit the ground and heard a scout car start up and take off at a high rate of speed. The burst of fire had killed Pfc. George Sturm Jr., who was my platoon runner. Another man was wounded but I cannot remember his name. Sturm’s death affected me more than any because we had shared a foxhole during the days of the Bulge and had come to know each other pretty well.

We then checked the houses and patrolled on about 500 yards to make sure the area was clear. It was not a good day, but this is the rest of the story.

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