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Malmedy Massacre incident

Reprinted from The Bulge Bugle

I read with great interest the Malmedy Massacre article by Ralph Storm in the May (2009) issue of The Bulge Bugle. It reminded me of an incident the night of the massacre.

I was a medic in the 99th Infantry, 395th Headquarters Aid Station. A soldier came to an old farm house outside the town of Rocherath, where we had an aid station.

He was as visibly upset as I had ever witnessed in my life. He told us the story of the massacre and how he survived. (That is how we first heard of the shootings.)

We had a part of a bottle of whiskey there. I gave him several drinks to try to settle him down. Then we sent him back for further care.

I often wonder if that soldier is still alive. We never remembered the names of the soldiers we tried to help. Once they were evacuated, we never knew the end results.

Harry McCracken MED/395

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