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Jack Walter

In August 1945, my father-in-law, 2nd Lt. Jack C. Walter, was assigned to M/393. Previous to this posting, he was with the 76th Division, 304th Infantry, Company H. Letters indicate he was reassigned to M/393, 99th Infantry Division, around Aug. 26, 1945. He left Germany for the U.S. on Sept. 11, 1945, so he was not with the 99th very long (one month maximum).

He never spoke about the war, other than a few random comments. He died in April 2007.

My wife and I recently opened his footlocker which revealed several items he had kept from the war, including his uniform (Ike jackets) with ribbons and arm patches, service records, letters home and souvenirs he brought back from the war.

I’m attempting to document his service history and would like to get more information on Jack’s service with the 99th. Though it was short, any information on his role with M/393 or contact from M/393 members would be appreciated.

Bill Chandler
Fort Worth TX

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