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Information wanted about soldiers buried in Belgian cemeteries

A year ago, I adopted two graves of soldiers of the 99th Infantry Division, 394th Infantry Regiment. I didn’t know then, but after reading about this division and its men, I got caught by the story of the “Battle Babies.”

The graves I adopted are from the soldiers Walter A. Keglovits (35764047) buried at American War Cemetery Ardennes in Belgium and Robert L. Fields (35689037) buried at American War Cemetery Henri-Chapelle in Belgium. For both soldiers, I tried to contact relatives. I did find Walter Keglovits’ nephew and we have good contact. My search for Robert Fields’ family is a bit more difficult, but I am working on it. I also got their IDPF and got lots of information about them.

Because of my interest in the 99th Division, I want to find out more, not only about the division, but also about these two men. I believe I have to do everything I can to honor them and give them their identity back – not because they lost their identity by their death, but now these names are just names for the average person.

I want their “little” story in that big war to be told. When people know about what they did and about the price they paid for our freedom, I hope I can give these men the honor they deserve.

After I know their stories, I want to build a website with that information and the story of the 99th. When that is finished, I want all the fallen soldiers of the 99th Division on that website, with their personal stories.

The reason I’m writing you is because I hope you can help me with information. Do you have information I can use? Anything is welcome.

I already asked the U.S. Army for After Action Reports and Morning Reports, but because of the price they ask for that information, I can’t buy it. If you have information about these men, please let me know.

I am also working voluntarily with a group of enthusiastic people on a website that honors the soldiers who are buried in the three cemeteries in Belgium and Holland – Ardennes, Henri-Chapelle, and Margraten. We have lots of work to do but we have come a long way. Please check out The two soldiers I adopted are already on it, but I would love to put a link there with my own website so people can read more about them.

Tjarco Schuurman

Witsmeerstraat 10

2131 ZP Hoofddorp

The Netherlands


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