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Information needed about uncle

I have been in contact with Robert Humphrey, author of “Once Upon A Time in World War II,” a recently released book that chronicles the 99th Infantry Division during World War II.

I contacted Humphrey and he suggested I contact you and the members of the Checkerboard to see if anyone recalls serving with my uncle.

First, thank you so much for responding. The War Department reported my uncle, Sgt. Louis “Skeets” Allan Burdette, 33,720,022 99 Div, 394th Inf. “was killed in action while leading his patrol on a mission. While leading his patrol out of the woods into a clearing your son was wounded by enemy automatic small arms fire. Your son ordered the members of his patrol to abandon him, which they did. Later the same day, and again the next morning patrols thoroughly searched the area but no trace of your son could be found.”

A second letter from the War Department confirmed that he was killed in action near Udenbreth, Germany, on Feb. 7, 2009. On page 139 of your book, you mentioned a total of 16 99ers died during the first week in February. On page 138, your book describes the 99th was advancing on Udenbreth, Germany, at that time.

My uncle was an ASTPer. He attended the University of Arkansas. He was born in Baltimore MD, and attended Polytechnic High School. With family, I have visited his grave site located in the American Ardennes Military Cemetery, Nouvelle-en-Corndroz, Belgium, a beautiful place.

I would love to communicate with anyone who served with my uncle. Maybe an ASTPer would remember him. Any assistance is very much appreciated.

Mark Gilliss

9115 Easton Grey Lane

Charlotte NC 28277


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