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Grandson needs information

My grandfather, Alfred Slaybaugh, served in the 99th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge. I am not sure what company or regiment, but I do know that he was near L/394 at one point during the war. The only reason I know this is due to the fact that he is referenced in a book called “Infantry Soldier: Holding the Line at the Battle of the Bulge.”

The reason I am contacting you is that my grandfather died in 2005. He never really spoke of where he was stationed or what he did during the war. Shortly after my grandfather’s death, his brother Thom was contacted by Bob Mitch.

Mitch explained that my grandfather earned a Bronze Star for his action on Nov. 18, 1944, when their company came under attack from a German machine gun nest. My grandfather, being the BAR man, poured ammo into the nest and silenced it. This is the extent of my knowledge about his actions during World War II.

I know it is a stretch, but I was hoping I might be able to find someone who may have known my grandfather or may have pictures of him from that time.

I’d appreciate any help but I do know this is a real shot in the dark.

Cody Slaybaugh
2717 South Ridge West
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