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Grandson asks for information

I recently found this website and thought I would take a chance on seeing if anyone knew my grandfather, Cpl. Howard E. Watson. He was in A/394. He fought in the Battle of the bulge and was captured on Dec. 18, 1944. He was a POW at Stalag 13c near Hammelburg, Germany. He later was marched (with others) to Schweinfurt, Germany, and eventually liberated on April 29, 1945.

My grandfather was from Oklahoma. He died in 2003 at LaGrange TX. I have limited stories and paperwork from his time in the service with the 99th. My grandfather walked on water to me and it would be a great honor to hear from anyone who knew him or knew of him during this horrific time. Any information would be appreciated.

Jay Watson

10554 Cat Mountain

San Antonio TX 78251

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