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Daughter's interest in 99th is revived

My father, Albert Gojmerac, served in the 99th during World War II. We used to go to every 99th reunion when he was alive. We went all over the U.S. What do I have to do to become a member of the 99th Infantry Division Association? I was looking at your website and it seems that this might be the last of the reunions. If that is the case, myself and other family members would feel strongly about attending.

Is it possible to get a list showing places and timelines of when and where the 99th had been in Europe during the war? One day I would like to go to Europe and see the places where the 99th fought. Will there ever be a tour to the battlefields? If there was a map and timeline I might be able to rent a car and see these places by myself.

My father never talked much about the war. I know he saw the camps and I suspect he was a survivor of the Malmedy Massacre. There was a lot he never told us about. There was a very hard side to his character, unlike the rest of the family, and I think it came from things he saw and did in the war. We grew up watching war movies and they were more than just historical movies to us. It was more like watching a family movie. The army was a fundamental part of our lives and continues to be so.

I have some personal photos of boot camp and the war taken by my dad. Would any of these be of interest to the Archives?

Annalisa Gojmerac

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