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Bulge books

Several books have been written about the history of the 99th Infantry Division and the Battle of the Bulge.

A partial list is included here. Readers are invited to send additions.

  • “Battle Babies,” Gen. Walter Lauer, published 1951.
  • “Dauntless: The History of the 99th Infantry Division,” Will C.C. Cavanagh.
  • “Krinkelt-Rocherath: Battle for the Twin Villages,” Will C.C. Cavanagh.
  • “A Tour of the Bulge Battlefield,” Will C.C. Cavanagh.
  • “A Time for Trumpets,” Charles MacDonald.
  • “Company Commander,” Charles MacDonald.
  • “Into the Deep Misty Woods of the Ardennes,” Walter Niedermayer.
  • “Shock of War,” volumes one and two and the picture annex, J.C. Doherty.
  • “The Longest Winter,” Alex Kershaw.
  • “Infantry Man at the Front,” Grady Arrington.
  • “Infantry Soldier,” George Neill.
  • “The Dead of Winter,” Bill Warnock.
  • “Butler’s Battlin’ Blue Bastards,” Thor Ronningen.
  • “O’er Land of the Free,” Samuel Lombardo.
  • “Scholars in Foxholes: The Story of the ASTP in World War II,” Louis E. Keeter.
  • “Upfront with Charlie Company: A Combat History of Company C, 39th Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division,” Vernon E. Swanson.
  • “Citizen Soldiers,” Stephen Ambrose.
  • “The Bitter Woods,” John Eisenhower.
  • “Battle of the Bulge: Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive, 1944-1945,” Danny S. Parker.
  • “The Battle of Hürtgen Forest,” Charles Whiting.
  • “Massacre at Malmedy,” Charles Whiting.
  • “The Battle of the Bulge: The Losheim Gap Doorway to the Meuse,” Hans Wijers.
  • “The Red Danube,” Vern Swanson.
  • “Hey, Mac!” William F. McMurdie.
  • “Battle of the Ardennes,” Steven O. Zaloga.
  • “Blood for Dignity,” David F. Colley.
  • “The Key to the Battle: The Battle for Losheimergraben,” Stephen Rusiecki.
  • “Winning the Bulge Back,” Walter Malinowski.
  • “The Reich’s Last Gamble (The Ardennes Offensive, December 1944),” George Forty.
  • “Remagen and Other Rhine Crossings,” Walter Niedermayer.
  • “World War II: A Personal Account,” Arnold G. Albrecht.
  • “Our Days Are a Shadow,” Harry M. Peterson Jr.
  • “Once Upon A Time in War: The 99th Infantry Division in World War II,” Robert E. Humphrey.
  • “Ordinary Heroes: Untold stories of World War II,” by Sharon Wells Wagner and Steve Wagner.
  • “Red Wells: An American Solider in World War II, by Sharon Wells Wagner.

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