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Book is a tribute to Greatest Generation

Author S.J. Dennis has announced the release of his debut novel, “Simone.” Written as a tribute to men and women of the Greatest Generation, the story traces the travels of a Seattle area veteran who returns to the scene of the Battle of the Bulge for a unit reunion and uncovers long-suppressed memories of the dark days of winter in 1944. He also finds Simone, a Belgium woman who nursed him back to health when he was wounded in the battle. Discovering Simone threatens to disrupt both of their predictable lives.

“I focused on a topic I’m familiar with; world war II and members of the Greatest Generation. I was able to combine those interests and tell the story of how the war impacted lives decades after,” said Dennis. “It’s rewarding to see how readers have related to my characters, drawing comparisons with people in their own lives.”

The author was inspired by four Seattle area veterans who shared their battle experiences from their viewpoints in the 28th, 84th and 106th Infantry Divisions and the 82nd Airborne. “Their stories coupled with the insight gained from a winter visit to the battlefield helped bring life to the novel’s characters.”

Dennis believes Simone is a good “book group” reading and has appealed to veterans and their families.

“Simone” is available through his website,, at Amazon and will soon be in local bookstores as well.

Last modified Dec. 23, 2011