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99th left an imprint in history

A few days ago I received the second issue of the Checkerboard. It is with sad regret to learn of the “final” convention in July. All things must come to an end, I know, but to be a part of the end brings remorse.

I have been an associate member for 10 years. My wife, Donna and I had the unique opportunity to accompany the 99th to the Bulge area at the time.

My goal was to pay respects to my cousin at Henri Chapelle. We were the same age. I was in the U.S. Navy, he was in the Army. He was a brave young man.

Being with that group of 99’ers was the privilege of my life. We made many friends and had long conversations. The Diggers, the Schmetzes and Edgard and Josette Pots are rock-solid citizens.

I have been corresponding with Edgard for many years. His family adopted my cousin Cyril’s grave a long time ago.

I salute the 99th, present and past. You have left an imprint in history that will never be equaled nor forgotten.

It is my hope that donations will bring our Belgian friends to the final convention.

Paul Randall

13928 Randall Dr

Springville NY 14141

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